Cognitive and emotional disorders in patients in the early after ischemic stroke period


complex effect, ischemic stroke, Kogniphen.

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Oros , M., Hrabar , V., & Luts , V. (2018). Cognitive and emotional disorders in patients in the early after ischemic stroke period. The Journal of Neuroscience, 6(1), 65-68. Retrieved from


The article presents the results of evaluating the efficacy, safety and complex impact of the drug Kogniphen on the functional state of the brain in patients after ischemic stroke compared to a group of patients receiving baseline therapy alone. The use of Kogniphen in patients with after-stroke cognitive and psychological disorders has shown a positive effect on both the cognitive sphere and the emotional-volitional character. The results of the study allow the drug to be recommended as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of patients after an ischemic stroke.



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